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What is Tantra?

Tantra was established in India more than 1500 years ago. In the old scriptures man and woman were called Shiva and Shakti. These old sources explain how Shiva and Shakti let the orgastic energy of their love flow in ever changing ways through their power centres (chakre), in order to achieve more and more subtle states of their senses. Part of this union is self-awareness. These texts from India are the origin of tantra.

More than twenty years ago Margot Anand was one of the first to introduce tantra to the west. According to tantra it is sensible to act in all areas of life as an empathic and conscious lover.    

LoveLifeBalance-Tantra® is about finding the balance between



- physicality,- sexuality,- an open heart,   - feelings,- mental presence and - inner peace.

The LoveLifeBalance programme enables you to learn Tantra without prior knowledge or to follow your tantric path further.

With LoveLiveBalance-Tantra you will achieve

- more creativity in all aspects of life,


-->direct and authentic communication,

-->heightened concentration,

 --> intense relationships – whether as single or as a couple,

-->initiation and accompanying towards healing,


-->finding the path to develop yourself,

-->letting-go and relaxation – even if you are very busy,

-->finding the source of your lust,

-->more intimicy, depth and joy with other people,


 -->power and beauty,

 -->contentment in relationships and love,

 -->sexual ecstacy,

 -->training to make your visions come true.

 Tantra is a mirror of life and a place to feel secure.



With Gomera-Power into the New Year


New Year’s Eve Event for Singles and Couples

 inclusive New Year’s Eve ritual and Vision 2013 



Relax – let go – enjoy


28.12.2012 to 01.01.2013




Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Dance

At the seaside in Valle Gran Rey





Aims of the seminar:


Celebrating New Year’s Eve as part of a group will give you extra strength for the new year and your visions. Yoga, meditation, massage and dance will empower you within the group and enable you to let go of the past and make space for new endeavours. This way you will manage to discover your own centre and strengthen your own identity. Let go, relax … and enjoy yourself.



Seminar conducted by Silvia-Lucia Massenberg

Tantra-Yoga Teacher (ETI / BDT)


For Enrolment and enquiries:


contact the course leaders:

T:         00 49  30 43 20 73 08

Fax:     00 49  30 43 20 73 09

Email:   www.love-life-balance.de




Seminar: € 320

Accommodation: about € 30 per night (double-room), plus cost for food and drink





Terms and conditions



Your place on the course is reserved on receipt of € 150



The New Year’s Eve seminar starts at 6 p.m. on 28.12.2012 with a dinner for all participants and ends at around 4 p.m. on 1.1.11.



How to get there, equipment and room reservation:

Once enrolled you will receive confirmation and further information by post or email.



Up to two weeks before the start of the course you can cancel without any problem. We will transfer the amount paid by you – minus a cancellation fee of € 60 – into your bank account (please provide your bank details!)

If you cancel at a later date a refund is not possible.

If you leave early, arrive late or don’t turn at all up you will have to pay the full cost for the seminar plus cost for food and drink provided during the seminar. Cancellation has to be in writing.



Participation at the seminar is voluntary and at own risk. In case damages or injuries are caused you are responsible for any compensation. Organizer, course leader and host are exempt from any liability. We expect you to be physically fit and psychologically stable.